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Google Tools for the Busy Bassist

Originally published in Canadian Musician magazine for the Sept/Oct 2017 issue.  In addition to being a professional musician, I'm also an IT guy, so maybe it's second nature, but I really like to use technology when it comes to organization because, like so many musicians, I wasn't blessed with the best natural organizational skills. I'm also an avid Google user. They do it right. They offer some pretty incredible FREE tools that allow a user to make so many different parts of their life/career/hobby easier. In talking to many colleagues, friends, and family, I find it is an incredibly underused service. Like most people these days, I use a smartphone, and the phone is smartest when used correctly. Using a tool like Google Calendar, it can remind you of all the stuff you need to do, and I'm not good at remembering those things on my own. I’m not a smartperson, except I know to use my smartphone smartly, so maybe I am a smartperson! So let’s say I'm