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Jaco the Film

So.. we all love Jaco right?   I'm sure most of us have been influenced, affected, inspired, blown away, or at the very least moderately moved by his music...   As I'm sure most of you know there is a film.. Jaco the Film due to be released this spring... Robert Trujillo, the bassist from Metallica, has primarily funded it out of pocket... and now he's looking for some help with pre-orders and other goodies... 

Let's face it... the DVD itself it's going to be a great addition to your collection ..  :)   Heck.... give someone the hint saying you want it for Christmas!! 

If you want to help out .. you can go pre-order the DVD or other goodies ( you can even buy a bass of doom replica used in the film, or skype bass lessons from Jerry Jemmott, Robert Trujillo, and Jaco's son Felix Pastorius.... cool ) .. 

here's the link.. 

If you can't buy anything you can help out by just spreading the word... share the above link.. go to my facebook and share from there.. or Twitter.. 

you can find links on my facebook and twitter


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