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Serial Nos

What a great gig! You've played your tail off and you're on top of the world.  People are giving you compliments that would make a narcissistic ego maniacal crazy clown blush.... You hang at the club afterwards with close friends.  Eventually the lights come up and you know it's that time... It's Jackson Browne time. And as you load out you're simultaneously avoiding the reality of the impending not load in... Out of your vehicle.. Several trips up stairs.. Bringing your precious gear safely home.  But it's 4am and you're spent.  You chuck a blanket over your  gear in a weak attempt to disguise things and you crash inside your place. You wake up what feels like days later after your  mini hibernation/rejuvenation and after much coffee or in search of coffee you make your way to your vehicle to find your worst nightmare .... Smashed glass and a painfully obvious lack of the aforementioned precious gear. After you finish vomiting repeat

The Nitti Gritti On Technique And The Amp to Support It.

Many years ago  Adam Nitti saved me from destroying my hands.  He can probably help you too.  The story and catalyst to the road to recovery goes something like this... One night while playing a club with a loud band, a naive and un-gear-ducated bassist was playing with a 100 watt amp..... The End Enough said...right? 100 watts was not nearly enough to push the young bassists lowest sounds to the ears, hearts, and loins of the intoxicated dancers.  He didn't know this.  He pushed his hands to their limits, fingering the strings like life and groove depended on it...until..his fingers didn't work any more.  There was no pluck left in a right plucking hand.  RH Finger 1 and RH Finger 2 cried out in a bad Scottish accent "we....just..don't..have ..the power..." Useless fingers .. songs remaining in the set ... crushed groove...crushed soul... finished. I ...err... I mean.. the young naive bassist...squeaked out what he could with RH Finger 3 and RH Fing

It's Beastly

Vulfpeck are my new favorite flavour of air that I breathe.  It's yummy air that makes me airy.  I want to share the airy air so you can be airy too.  You're welcome. But even more fun.. is this...a full bass transcription that Rudy Bless did .. Bless indeed.  go learn it. Go listen to everything by Vulfpeck. BPM

iReal b loving this app

Band in a box... great for PC... back in the days when it first came out you had your little computer speakers ... you'd move your bass rig into the computer room/office and play through some charts.  Great tool of course.  But most of us back then didn't have nice speakers that allowed for a realistic blend of bass+amp+BIAB ( That's Band in a Box ).  Even more so you were limited to your computer room's desktop PC or Mac. Fastforward all of the inbetweener stuff with laptops and speakers, etc... let's get right to your Smartphone.  and  .  Like..... really? I can have an app on my phone where you can easily download thousands of chord charts (doesn't break copyright because you can't patent a chord change) ...where I can easily change the key, change the tempo, change the style, change the volume of bass/piano/drums, adjust the reverb ( really? ), specify the number of repeats, etc, etc ??!??! I can also write my own charts and work

Victor's way is your way

Victor Wooten is a bassist.  That's an understatement.   Victor Wooten is so much more than a bassist.  He's a musician, an educator, a philosopher, a wordsmith, a curator of all things zen and lovely in this musical world.  There is no greater example than this wonderful video that was released as part of TED Talks Check it out... and then check it out again... in fact.  Start every day as a musician by listening to and/or watching this video. Enjoy BPM

Jaco #1

What better way to start off a new basscentric blog then by sharing some beautiful John Francis Anthony Pastorius III.. Jaco What is your favorite Jaco tune? BPM